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Was established in 1992, an integrative hi-tech enterprise with printing, bagging, making film, mechanical design.

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china plastic pouches manufacturers and Flexible Packaging Films suppliers

, Zhejiang Chengxin Packaging Co., Ltd was conferred to the “China leading packaging enterprise” by the Packaging Union Of China. At present, the main products include: Plastic Pouches, Flexible Packaging Films, Label series, Flexible packaging series, High barrier film series (PE shrink film, Five-layer co-extrusion POF shrink film, PETG high shrink film etc.). The company has an annual capacity of up to 40,000 tons of high-temperature melt-laminated steel process of advanced production line.

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The area of the company covers 250 acres and the construction area is around 123 thousand square meters. The company now owns 18 automatic printing lines which achieved the international advanced level, The yearly production capacity of printing can reach to more than 13 hundreds million square meters.



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Oct 15,2020

What are the essentials of heat shrinkable film label printing?

Unlike paper labels, heat shrinkable films use non-absorbent printing materials such as PVC, PP, PETG, OPS, OPP, and various multi-layer co-extruded films. The nature of such materials determines its ...

Oct 10,2020

What are the steps involved in the pre-press production of heat shrinkable film?

Because the heat shrinkable film is a kind of thermoplastic film that is stretched and oriented during the production process, but shrinks by heat during use. Therefore, no matter which printing metho...

Sep 30,2020

First batch of "multi-skilled workers" assessment results announced

      In accordance with General Zong's instructions, taking into account the actual situation of the company's business development and exploring changes in the employment model under the new situati...

Sep 29,2020

What is the role of heat shrinkable film labels?

Heat shrinkable film label is a kind of film label printed on plastic film or plastic tube with special ink. During the labeling process, when heated (about 70℃), the shrinkable label will quickly fol...

Jul 31,2020

Investigation plan for hidden dangers of soil and groundwater pollution

Investigation plan for soil and groundwater pollution hidden dangers of Zhejiang Chengxin Packaging Co., Ltd. 1 table of Contents Foreword...................................... ..........................