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Several materials commonly used in plastic packaging bags

The commonly used materials of plastic packaging bags are as follows:

1. PE plastic packaging bag
Polyethylene (PE), abbreviated as PE, is a high-molecular organic compound prepared by ethylene addition polymerization. Polyethylene has the characteristics of moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, and it meets the hygienic standards of food packaging.

2. PO plastic packaging bag
PO plastic (polyolefin), or PO for short, is a polyolefin copolymer, a polymer made from olefin monomers. Opaque and fragile, usually used as PO flat bags, PO vest bags, especially PO plastic packaging bags.

3. PP plastic packaging bag
PP plastic packaging bags are plastic bags made of polypropylene, usually made by color printing and offset printing processes, with bright colors. They are stretchable polypropylene plastics, a type of thermoplastic. It is a kind of plastic packaging bag with odorless, smooth and transparent surface.

4. OPP plastic packaging bag
OPP plastic packaging bags are made of polypropylene and two-way polypropylene, which are easy to burn, melt and drip. The top is yellow and the bottom is blue. After a fire, there is less smoke and can continue to burn. It has the characteristics of high transparency, good brittleness, good sealing and strong anti-counterfeiting.

5. PPE plastic packaging bag
PPE plastic packaging bag is a product made by combining PP and PE. The product has the characteristics of dustproof, moistureproof, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, high transparency, strong mechanical properties, good blast resistance, strong piercing power and tear resistance.

6. EVA plastic packaging bag
EVA plastic bag (frosted bag) is mainly made of polyethylene stretch material and linear material, which contains 10% EVA material. It has good transparency, oxygen barrier, moisture resistance, bright printing, bright bag body, which can highlight the characteristics of the product itself.