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Analysis of the cause of the peculiar smell of the pe composite film?

Composite membranes are mainly used in separation processes such as reverse osmosis, gas separation, and pervaporation. Two different membrane materials are used to make a membrane composed of a surface active layer with separation function (dense separation layer) and a supporting porous layer. Analysis of the reasons for the peculiar smell of the composite membrane of the pe composite membrane manufacturer?
1. Extruder temperature or resin temperature is too high, causing resin to decompose and produce odor.
2. The air gap is too large, the resin is oxidized excessively, and various oxygen-containing groups with peculiar smell are generated on the surface, which makes the composite film produce odor.
3. The resin itself has peculiar smell, and the composite film after extruding and compounding with it will also have peculiar smell.
4. The use of high-boiling, non-volatile solvents in the primer will cause some solvents to remain and cause peculiar smells in the film after the compounding.
1. Appropriately lower the extrusion temperature to prevent the resin from decomposing.
2. Adjust the size of the air gap to an appropriate value.
3. Use low-odor resin for extrusion compounding.
4. Increase the drying temperature of the drying tunnel and increase the amount of air blowing to ensure that the solvent is fully dried.