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What is your understanding of large-capacity container bags?

A large-volume transport packaging bag with a packing weight of more than 1 ton. The top of the container bag is generally equipped with metal hangers or rings, etc., which are convenient for hoisting and handling by forklifts or cranes. Unloading can be opened at the bottom of the bag
Hole, unloading immediately, very convenient. Suitable for shipping granular and powdery items.
Container bags are generally made of polyester fibers such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Due to the convenience of loading and unloading items and handling of container bags, the loading and unloading efficiency has been significantly improved, and it has developed rapidly in recent years.
General shipping bag
Packaging bags with a weight in the range of 0.5-100 kg are mostly fabric bags woven from plant fibers or synthetic resin fibers, or multi-layer material packaging bags composed of several layers of flexible materials. such as hemp

High Barrier Films Packaging

Bags, straw bags, cement bags, etc. -Mainly pack powdery, granular and individual small items.
Small packaging bag (or ordinary packaging bag)
Packing bags with less weight, usually made of single or double layers of material. Some packaging bags with special requirements are also made of multiple layers of different materials: a wide range of packaging, liquid, powder,
This kind of packaging can be used for lumps and special-shaped objects, etc.
Among the above-mentioned packaging bags, container bags are suitable for transportation packaging, general transportation packaging bags are suitable for outer packaging and transportation packaging, and small packaging bags are suitable for interior packaging, personal packaging and commercial packaging.