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What are the uses and scope of application of heat shrinkable film?

1. Purpose
Heat shrinkable film is widely used in: food, medicine, disinfection tableware, stationery, craft gifts, printed matter, hardware and plastic products, telephones, electronic appliances, etc. In terms of combined (cluster) packaging, it can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof and dust-proof, anti-touch and stealing, transparent display, etc., but also increase the attractiveness of product appearance, and can also be used to replace various types of cartons, which not only saves packaging costs, but also In line with the packaging trend. Shrink film (bag) can be processed into: flat pockets, arc-shaped bags, trapezoidal bags, three-dimensional bags and other special-shaped bags.
2. Scope of application
The thermal shrinkage uses far-infrared radiation to directly heat various specifications of the film. The product is transported to the shrinking furnace through the conveyor belt, and the product is loaded with shrink wrapping film. After sealing, it enters the shrink wrapping machine, and the product shrinks automatically. The heat shrink wrapping machine consumes less power , the average power consumption per hour is only 2.1KW at most, which achieves perfect shrink packaging effect, never affects the packaging, electronic stepless speed change, solid-state voltage regulator temperature control, stable and reliable, used in food, beverage, candy, stationery , hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical products and other heat shrinkage.