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What are the solutions to stretch film rupture?

1. When producing the leather roller embossing plate, there is one side high and the other low, adjust the direction of low, and slowly press down until the two sides of the stretched film are flat. Reduce the error shaking rate of the main rod of the stretch film to a small amount or the door stopper is placed stably to reduce the shaking of the printing plate.

2. Too much unwinding tension causes jitter, and too little rewinding tension causes uneven force in and out. Increase the non-stamping process to improve the plasticity of the material. The deformation of the stretched parts is large, and the deformation of each part is not consistent. It gradually increases from the bottom to the cylinder wall, so the deformation and hardening degree of each part also gradually increases from bottom to top , The deformation and hardening at the mouth of the workpiece are serious. For workpieces that are stretched and formed for multiple times, intermediate annealing procedures are often used to recrystallize the material, eliminate deformation and hardening, restore plasticity during the recovery period, improve the quality of the stretched parts and reduce the stretching Number of stretches.

3. Adopt edge holding device and suitable edge holding force, and adopt edge holding system to make the part of the blank flange have a suitable axial force to compress, so as to improve the material's ability to resist tangential bending deformation.

4. If the edge material is broken, it must be cut neatly. If the cut is uneven, it cannot be shipped as a finished product. Including when making goods, the two ends must be rolled neatly, not more here and less.

5. The die head should be cleaned and clean, no burnt plastic should fall into it. If it can be found by naked eyes, it must be removed immediately.

6. The paper tube must be aligned, not one side long and the other short. The standard of white space on both sides of the stretched film is about 1 cm.