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What are the production factors of food packaging film?

Production factors of food packaging film:
1. Production materials
In order to achieve the characteristics of high barrier, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, and low temperature freezing resistance of food high-barrier stretch film, its material selection is undoubtedly crucial, and through the structural combination of materials, the quality of food-grade high-barrier stretch film custom-made finished packaging can be guaranteed. , preservation, fragrance preservation, anti-puncture and other functions.
In order to ensure product performance well, Jinyu Technology has established a complete and efficient modern enterprise management system and quality management system based on the management standards and national standards of food and pharmaceutical product packaging in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and fully realizes the production process tracking information management system. . Most of the raw materials of the products are imported from abroad, such as Dow in the United States, DSM in the Netherlands, Shell, EVOH, etc. Strictly guarantee product quality.
2. Production equipment
The production cost of high-barrier stretch film for food is low, one of which is reflected in the production equipment, which must be able to achieve large-scale automation of the production of high-barrier stretch film for food. When the food-based high-barrier stretch film manufacturer completes the full-automatic production of the food-based high-barrier stretch film from "printing-laminating-slitting", it can not only improve production efficiency, but also save labor costs.
3. Production process
Food high-barrier stretch films are generally made by two processes: blow molding and casting.
(1)Blow molding
It is cooled by direct contact between water and the film surface, so it can be rapidly cooled and spherically stretched. Its flatness is slightly inferior to that of the casting method, but its transparency is better than that of the casting method. Film ductility has an effect.
(2)Casting method
After being cooled by a cooling roller, the high-barrier stretch film for food is stretched to a certain extent in the longitudinal direction, but not stretched in the transverse direction.