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What are the characteristics of PETG shrink film?

PETG shrink film has distinctive characteristics

1. High ultimate shrinkage rate PETG heat shrinkable film has the ultimate high shrinkage rate, which is the highest shrinkage rate of all shrink films, and its application range is much greater than that of other materials. The shrink label made has the best shrink effect unmatched by any commercial shrink film, and can fit closely to a high degree of contour. Through customized configuration, it can achieve a shrinkage rate of up to 80%, so that it can fit on special-shaped containers, polygonal containers, and round containers without any defects after shrinking, and even small parts such as bottlenecks can be tightly wrapped. Once fitted, its superior toughness can prevent the danger of the bottle from bursting. The strong shrinking force can prevent the label from falling off, and can keep this shrinkage rate constant throughout the product life cycle, avoiding damage to the best packaging appearance. It can shrink your product to a perfect fit and fit flawlessly.
2. Low natural shrinkage rate Due to the low natural shrinkage rate at room temperature, PETG heat-shrinkable film can be stored in an environment at room temperature below 25°C or 77°F, without worrying about difficulty in unfolding or label deformation.
3. Flat shrinkage curve Compared with other shrink films, the shrinkage curve of PET-G heat shrinkable film is flat and smooth, and the temperature at the starting point is lower. It can run in the existing shrink tunnel under harsh objective conditions and high production speed.
4. High transparency, gloss, excellent printing color High transparency and excellent printing performance can strengthen the brand recognition of the bottle label. Printing from the inside will not cause the label to be discolored and damaged due to friction, and it can be used as an overall label design that combines a variety of 360-degree colors and high-quality printing. Allows designers to give full play to the ability of label display, while strengthening the best features of the product. So that brand owners can increase the shelf attractiveness of their products as a whole, thereby increasing their market share in the retail market. PET-G shrink film is a shrink film that achieves maximum design freedom.
5. Good environmental coordination PET-G heat shrinkable film does not contain cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), polybrominated biphenyls (PBBS), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDES) and other international environmental management Prohibited ingredients. Comply with EU Directive 2002/72/EEC (incorporating Directive 90/128/EEC and its subsequent amendments) on the composition requirements of food contact plastics. When burning, it is non-toxic, tasteless, has low heat, and maintains unity and harmony with nature.