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What are the characteristics of PETG shrink film?

PETG is made from polyethylene terephthalate
PETG shrink films are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These films are heat-shrinkable, a process which enables them to shrink to a desired size. They contain 90-97% PETG material and three to ten percent antitack agent. After being processed, they are applied to an electronic product.

The main advantages of PETG include its strength, flexibility, and durability. PETG is also resistant to heat and moisture, making it ideal for medical devices and food containers. PETG is also recyclable, which makes it an ideal material for many industrial uses.

It is a kind of ester film
PETG shrink films are a type of ester film that can resist shrinkage. They are made from a polymer that has a high plastic uptake power and a low shrinkage stress. The film is highly transparent and has a low haze and shrinkage factor. It can be applied to electronic products.

This ester film is an excellent packaging solution for many different applications. The film is environmentally friendly and is compatible with automatic packaging machines. It is easy to use and odorless. In addition, it is suitable for complex geometries and has a fast shrink rate at low temperatures. The film is also odorless and has good sealing properties. It is also resistant to heat, moisture, and falling.

It is optically excellent
One advantage of PETG shrink films is their excellent optical properties. They exhibit UV-screening ability, which is important in the food packaging industry. Many food degradation reactions are triggered by UV-light. The thin films have a thin, 50-mm thickness, while the heavy-duty ones are between 50 mm and 150 mm thick.

High-Yield PETG shrink film has a crisp matte appearance that adds to the visual appeal of a product. It also provides full 360 degree label decoration and is easy to work with. Its clarity is superior to clear film and is compatible with a variety of surface-printing applications. The film also maintains a tight fit over time.

It has a low vertical shrink
PETG shrink films are heat-shrinkable films made from PETG material. These films have low vertical shrinkage and high plastic uptake power. The film is made by combining PETG material and a small amount of antitack agent. The film is stretched to a ratio of 1:1.1 to 1.5. Then it is applied to an electronic product.

PETG shrink films have excellent scuff resistance and are environmentally friendly. They are also recyclable, which is an added benefit. They are also a great choice for large, square, or oval containers.

It has a high yield savings vs. PVC
PETG shrink films are produced from a polymer called PET-G and offer a higher shrink percentage than PVC or OPS shrink films. Unlike PVC, PETG does not contain chlorine, which is banned in many countries, including Europe and Japan. This means that PETG shrink film will not contaminate the contents of the container.

PETG shrink films are cost-effective and provide a tamper-proof seal. They are available in a wide range of designs and are custom-made to fit a specific container. Unlike PVC shrink films, PETG shrink films do not require custom-designed shrink tunnels.

It is 100% recyclable
Compared to PET and PVC shrink films, PETG shrink films are 100% recyclable. However, there are some drawbacks to this material. First, the shrink sleeve labels are more expensive and can cause contamination. This type of film is also heavier and can also result in clumping.

PETG shrink films are made from ninety-nine percent PETG and three to ten percent PETG antitack agent. These films are manufactured using an extruder, which melts the PETG material into a uniform membrane. This material is then cooled, stretched, and shaped by die-lip technology.