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Material standards and test methods for flexible packaging

1. Material Standard
GB/T4456—1996 Polyethylene blown film for packaging
GB/T5663-85 Medicinal polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid sheet
GB/T10003—1996 Universal biaxially oriented polypropylene film
GB/T10805-89 Rigid PVC Film for Food Packaging
GB/T15266-95 PVC Rigid Sheets and Films for Food Packaging
QB 1231—91 Polyethylene blown film for liquid packaging
QB/T1125-91 unstretched polyethylene, polypropylene film
QB/T1260—9l soft PVC composite film
QB—94 Calendered polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid sheet and film for food packaging
QB/T2024-1994 gravure composite plastic thin ink
2. Test method
GB 1037-88 Test method for water vapor permeability of plastic films and sheets - cup test method
GB 1038-70 Test method for air permeability of plastic films
GB 2918-92 Standard Environment for Conditioning and Testing of Plastic Samples
GB 6672-86 Determination of Thickness of Plastic Films and Sheets - Mechanical Measurement Method
GB 6673-86 Determination of length and width of plastic films and sheets
GB/T6982—1986 Test method for moisture permeability of flexible packaging containers
GB 7707-87 Gravure Decorative Prints
GB 8808-88 Test method for peeling of soft composite plastic materials
GB 8809-88 Test method for resistance to pendulum impact of plastic films
GB 13022-91 Test method for tensile properties of plastic films
GB 14937-94 Determination method of diaminotoluene in composite food packaging bags
GB/T5009.60-1996 Analytical method of hygiene standard for polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene molded products for food packaging
QB/T1130—9l Test method for right-angle tearing properties of plastics
QB/T2358—1998 Test method for heat sealing strength of plastic film packaging bags
A complete set of testing equipment for flexible packaging testing, tensile testing machine, universal material testing machine, air tightness testing machine, constant temperature and humidity testing machine, etc.