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Flexible packaging film substrate

In recent years, China's flexible packaging film substrate industry has developed rapidly. Domestic flexible packaging film substrates such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE, VMPET, VMCPP can not only meet the needs of the domestic market, but also export to foreign markets.

BOPP is the most used material in the field of flexible packaging. It is widely used in food, medicine, tobacco and other fields due to its advantages of light weight, transparency, non-toxicity, moisture resistance, low air permeability and high mechanical strength. In the past few years, the production of BOPP film has a high profit, which has stimulated the rapid development of the BOPP film industry, resulting in serious overcapacity in some areas; BOPET film has good flatness, excellent sealing, high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, transparency and gloss. Due to its advantages such as good performance, the amount of BOPA film in the packaging market has increased rapidly; BOPA film is widely used in the packaging of high-temperature cooked food, boiled food, and vacuumed food due to its special properties such as softness and puncture resistance, and the domestic production capacity of BOPA film is steadily improving.

Some flexible packaging color printing factories with advanced technology continue to put forward new requirements for the printing performance and composite performance of film substrates, such as shallow screen printing performance, transparency, composite strength, etc. Customers' requirements for BOPP heat-sealing film are very different. Due to the large number of new and old packaging machinery in China, and the technical level is very different, no BOPP heat-sealing film can run smoothly on all packaging machines. With the development of BOPP film industry, BOPP film has also been endowed with many new characteristics, resulting in some new market segments, such as ultra-thin BOPP film, high transparent BOPP film, high printing performance BOPP film, UV-resistant BOPP film , Environmentally friendly and degradable BOPP film, anti-fogging BOPP film, BOPP color film, BOPP label film, BOPP printable shrinkable cigarette film, metallocene catalytic system BOPP film, high barrier BOPP film, BOPP synthetic paper, BOPP twist film, etc. All these provide a good foundation for BOPP film manufacturers to adopt differentiation strategies.

In addition, there has been a clear trend of large-scale and group-based development of film substrate manufacturers, and they have gradually become more rational in price competition, and have gained more pricing power.