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Do you know this knowledge of heat shrinkable sleeves (1)?

How to operate heat shrink sleeve
Heat shrinkable sleeves are like a kind of protective sleeves commonly used in all walks of life today, to achieve the effect of shortening when exposed to heat. Relative electrical tapes are to be determined, with longer operating life, lasting and stable performance, and of course anti-aging effects. Coming to this material is relatively easy to understand. Before it is suitable, it is more convenient. Before wrapping the product, it can also cause various problems. This time, I will discuss how to fit the heat shrinkable sleeve to related common problems. Related We all chatted together.
What are the advantages and characteristics of heat shrinkable tubes?
The heat shrinkable sleeve is like a thermally shortened sleeve of a processed polyolefin raw material. If it is made a small amount, it will begin to shrink when heated at 125°. When I achieve softness and elasticity, the heat shrinkable sleeve is like a processed polyolefin raw material heat shrinkable sleeve, and it is also beneficial to EVA material.
What are the functions of heat shrinkable sleeves that must be understood?
Heat shrinkable tubes are best used in areas such as batteries, electronic components, electrical cables, wiring harnesses, and pipeline corrosion protection.
According to the appropriate professional heating tools, the heat shrinkable sleeve can be shrink-wrapped, and it will have the functions of insulation, protection and so on.
How to fully fit the heat shrinkable sleeve?
In the end, the heat-shrinkable sleeve can be placed on the covering, and the selection of all components can be successfully completed. After the screws are fastened, the heat-shrinkable sleeve is arranged and laid well, and it is held in a small number of positions. The heat-shrinkable sleeve can be heat-shrinked on the cover.