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First batch of "multi-skilled workers" assessment results announced

      In accordance with General Zong's instructions, taking into account the actual situation of the company's business development and exploring changes in the employment model under the new situation, the company has recently organized the first batch of "multi-skilled workers" training and evaluation, this assessment is mainly for the staff of other posts to be multi-capable in the slitting process. After a period of study, after organizing the theoretical knowledge assessment and the on-site Operation Assessment, according to the comprehensive results, check the assessment plan against it, and report it to the General Management for examination and verification, general approval, the following employees passed the sub-strip multi-capable work evaluation, with multi-level skills to the sub-strip process o stage, the list is now announced as follows: Mao Bing, Mao Wen, Shang Xiong Wei, Wang Bi, Cao Dongming, Xu Xiaoping, Li shuaibing.