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What are the uses of easy tear film?

1. Agriculture
Under the guidance of the general national economic policy of "based on agriculture and led by industry", agricultural plastic films have developed rapidly, and easy-to-tear films are also widely used in the agricultural field.
In my country, easy-to-tear plastic films have been used in agricultural production for more than ten years. At first, they were used for rice seedlings, and the effect of increasing production was remarkable. Later, they were gradually expanded to sweet potatoes, cotton seedlings, vegetable cultivation, and tobacco. , ginseng, silkworm production, etc., have achieved results.
The agricultural easy-tear film is not only used in agricultural production, but also in the storage of fruits and vegetables. It can not only delay the post-ripening process of fruits and vegetables, reduce water evaporation, prevent decay, but also maintain their freshness.
Judging from the experimental comparison of storing apples, the natural consumption is less than 0.7% after five months of easy-tear film packaging. Unused natural consumption can reach 5.83%.
Indeed, the use of easy-tear film in agriculture is becoming more and more extensive, and its role is also increasing. Like chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it has become an important agricultural production material in agricultural production.
At present, there are two kinds of plastic easy-tear films used in agricultural production: one is called polyvinyl chloride film, and the other is called polyethylene film. Among them, the amount of polyvinyl chloride film is larger. Regarding polyvinyl chloride agricultural film, it can be divided into two categories according to its use: one is agricultural polyvinyl chloride film, and the other is agricultural cold-resistant polyvinyl chloride film.
With the expansion of the application range of agricultural easy-tear films in my country and the requirements of different crops, there are black films, colored films, non-drip films and drip films.
2. Sheet
Various types of food, medicine, sterile packaging materials; packaging materials for textiles, precision instruments, electrical components; substrates for audio tapes, video tapes, film films, computer floppy disks, metal coatings and photosensitive films; electrical insulating materials, capacitor films, Electronic and mechanical fields such as flexible printed circuit boards and membrane switches.
3. Packaging bottle
Its application has been developed from the initial carbonated beverage to the present beer bottle, edible oil bottle, condiment bottle, medicine bottle, cosmetic bottle, etc.
4. Electronic appliances
Manufacture of connectors, coil bobbins, integrated circuit housings, capacitor housings, transformer housings, TV accessories, tuners, switches, timer housings, automatic circuit breakers, motor brackets and relays, etc.
5. Auto parts
Such as switchboard devices, ignition coils, various valves, exhaust parts, distributor covers, measuring instrument housings, small motor housings, etc., and the excellent paintability, surface gloss and rigidity of PET can also be used to manufacture automobile exterior parts .
6. Mechanical equipment
There are also a wide range of applications in mechanical equipment, such as: manufacturing gears, cams, pump housings, pulleys, motor frames and clock parts, and can also be used as microwave oven baking trays, various ceilings, outdoor billboards and models.
In addition, the easy-tear film is also used in the packaging of daily chemicals, such as facial masks and pharmaceutical packaging. It can be said that the easy-tear film exists in our lives and has played an irreplaceable role.