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What are the applications and advantages of food film?

The food film is mainly made of several different grades of resin mixed and extruded. It has puncture resistance, super strength and high performance. It can wrap the goods stacked on the pallet, which can make the package more stable and tidy, with good waterproof effect. Widely used in foreign trade export, papermaking, hardware, plastic chemical, building materials and other industries. The advantages of food film are:

1. It can be used to package various shapes of goods to increase the attractiveness of the product appearance.
2. The film can be close to the product, has good transparency, beautiful appearance, clean and bright.
3. The packaged goods are hygienic, clean, dust-proof and moisture-proof.
4. Shrink packaging has good shock resistance, impact resistance and protection performance.
5. The packaged goods have tightness and fixity, and will not be crooked in the package.