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What are the advantages of heat shrinkable film labels?

1. Shrink film manufacturers say that heat shrink film labels have high transparency, so the labels are brightly colored and have good gloss.
2. The label of the heat shrinkable film is tightly attached to the product after shrinking, and the packaging is compact, which can show the appearance of the product and the packaged product is beautiful.


3. The heat shrinkable film label can provide 360-degree decoration for the packaging container, and can print product information such as product descriptions on the label, so that consumers can understand the performance of the product without opening the package.
4. The shrink film has good wear resistance and high strength, ensuring that it can bear the weight of the contents. Printing belongs to printing in film, which protects the imprint and the label has better abrasion resistance.
5. Heat shrinkable packaging has good sealing, moisture-proof, anti-fouling and rust-proof effects, which can prolong the storage period of food, facilitate storage, and save warehouses.