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The characteristics of common PE shrink film

PE shrink film is a common shrink film packaging, with high shrinkage, high strength, high shrinkage, and can be applied to the cluster packaging of beverages. The material used for PE shrink film is PE, which is recognized as a non-toxic and pollution-free packaging material. It is generally used as a packaging material for packaging in various industries such as food packaging and medical supplies. When made into PE shrink film, it can achieve high transparency and excellent quality. Processing performance, high strength, non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly, good temperature resistance environment, high toughness, high rigidity, high temperature and high temperature resistance and other excellent packaging performance, mainly using LLDPE material.
As a common shrink film packaging, PE shrink film is used by shrink film production companies in beverage packaging and other industries. There are other considerations. It has the following characteristics:
1. The PE shrink film has strong bearing capacity and can bear 100KG products;
2. PE shrink film has high puncture resistance, so when PE shrink film is used as a cluster beverage packaging material, the safety is guaranteed;
3. PE shrink film has good flexibility and stretchability, and strong wrapping and shrinking ability;
4. PE shrink film has excellent shrinkage performance and good shrinkage and tightness, which reduces the possibility of damage, collapse, and loose packages during transportation, and improves safety;
5. PE shrink film has high transparency, and the internal product packaging is clear at a glance, which is beneficial to increase consumer trust;
6. PE shrink film can withstand high temperature and low temperature environment, and is not easy to damage;
Of course, PE shrink film has some shortcomings compared with other common shrink films. The shrink temperature of PE shrink film is higher than that of PVC shrink film and POF shrink film, at about 140°C; PE material is non-polar and stable, resulting in PE shrink film The printability is poor and must be surface treated. These shortcomings also restrict the application of PE shrink film