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Introduction to the characteristics and advantages of food vacuum skin packaging film

1. Very high transparency

The packaging film is made of high-molecular polymer resin imported from the United States through multi-layer co-extrusion blown film. It has a high gloss. After the seafood steak and other foods are packaged in a vacuum, the appearance of the product is beautiful, and the inner packaging product is clearly visible and prominent The sense of value and grade of the product adds a lot to the product and brand.
2. Good extension performance
The film can be tightly attached to the appearance of seafood steaks and other foods, like a transparent skin, giving the product a three-dimensional impression of sculpture. The beautiful shape of the product is ready to come out, allowing customers to increase their sense of intimacy and desire to buy.
3. Good oxygen barrier properties
Compared with ordinary packaging, skin packaging generally has good oxygen barrier properties, so it has obvious advantages in the preservation and quality of fresh and fast food-below 4 degrees Celsius, skin packaging can keep food fresh 4-8 week.
4. Strong temperature resistance and water retention
The superb "film" of skin packaging has excellent temperature resistance and good water retention, so it is not only convenient for refrigerated transportation, but also retains the juice and nutrients of food when heated.
5. It can be heated directly in the microwave
The skin packaging will automatically expand when heated in a microwave oven, forming a natural steam environment in the film, and then slowly reducing the pressure, accelerating heating and ensuring hygiene. After heating, the skin packaging can be easily torn clean, very convenient, and the food will not dry out.
In addition to the excellent "preservation function", the skin packaging is characterized by retaining the appearance of the food itself without being "deformed" by vacuum. This kind of packaging has a high-quality appearance, and the film surface has no juice and no fog, and customers can touch Appearance, feel, and'community' are born.